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Complete Guide to Create A Website with WordPress

To create a website with WordPress, we need to follow the steps:

  1. Register a Domain
  2. Choose a Hosting Server
  3. Link Domain & Hosting (point your domain name to your hosting)
  4. Install CMS (WordPress here)
  5. Install a Theme
  6. Install Page Builder (optional)

So, to start let’s see how you can have your own website.

Step 1: Register a Domain

There are a lot of platforms from where you can register a domain, most popular being GoDaddy. So, click on the link to head to their website & search for the domain name you want to buy to see if it’s available or not. For example, I have searched for the domain name ‘souravismarketing.com’.

If it’s available, it will show the price for that domain & also suggest other domain extensions that you can buy with their prices. If it’s not available, it will tell it’s not available & show some of the domain extensions that are available below with their prices like this.

Click on ‘Add to Cart’ & visit the cart to complete the purchase like in any other ecommerce sites.

Note: You can buy domain name & hosting from the same provider. It will reduce a step of linking both but may face problem if you want to migrate hosting to some other platform in future. For that purpose, it’s suggested to take domain & hosting from different providers.

Step 2: Choose a Hosting Server

Hosting is basically hiring server space for your website. Again, there are a lot of platforms from where you can take hosting. For this exercise, I will go with SiteGround. You can also take hosting from GoDaddy as well.

Click on the above link to open the Siteground website & click on get started under ‘Managed WordPress Hosting’.

You will be redirected to the pricing page

Compare the plans & choose which feels right for you. Next, you will be redirected to a page where you need to enter your domain name which you have purchased.

You can register a new domain if you haven’t done so in Step 1, you can register a new domain name here. If you have already registered your domain name, choose “I already have a domain” & type the domain name & click on ‘Proceed’.

You will be redirected to the billing area where you need to pay & take the hosting.

If you have booked domain & hosting from the same service provider, skip this step. If not, then…

Login to your GoDaddy account

Click on the DNS button on the right side of the domain & it will take you to this screen.

Click on the ‘Change’ button.

Leave this like this, open a new tab & login to your SiteGround account.

In SiteGround account page, Click ‘Websites’ on the top menu bar & click on ‘New Website’.

Fill the required details & you will find the SiteGround nameservers.

Copy both the nameservers one by one & go to the GoDaddy nameservers page.

Delete the existing GoDaddy nameservers & replace them with the SiteGround nameservers & click Save.

Now, you have successfully pointed your domain name to your hosting. It may take a few hours to show up.

Step 4: Install CMS (WordPress here)

After you have successfully pointed your domain name to your hosting & your site is showing up, it’s time to install a CMS for which we will be using WordPress here.

In the same page in SiteGround, the option will show up to install WordPress. Click & install it. You can change the protocol in this installation page i.e. you want your website to contain ‘www’ in front of it or not.

For other hosting providers, you have to head to the cPanel, click on Softaculous, you will find WordPress there. Click & install it.

After you have successfully installed WordPress, open your browser & type your domain name & ‘/wp-admin’ after it. For example, my domain name is “souravismarketing.com”, so I’ll type “souravismarketing.com/wp-admin”.

This will take you to the WordPress admin. It will look like this.

Your website is now created, now it’s time to build it.

Step 5: Install a Theme

In the wordpress admin, go to ‘Appearance > Themes > Add New’ on the left side menu.

Browse the themes available, choose one from them, install it & activate.

If you don’t like the themes you see, you can also upload external themes by clicking on ‘Upload Theme’.

Step 6: Install Page Builder (optional)

If you want to have a static page in your website, I would recommend you install a Page Builder like Elementor, Brizy, etc.

For that, go to Plugins > Add New. In the search bar, type ‘Page Builder’ or any name of the page builders you want to install.

Install & activate the page builder.

Now, go to ‘Pages > Add New’ on the left side menu. You can create a new page on your website from here. You will see on the top bar that the page builder you had installed is showing on the top.

Here, I have installed Brizy, so it’s showing “Edit with Brizy”. Click on the button to start editing with that page builder.


So, your website is ready. You will find a lot of other things in the WordPress admin which you can play around with.

Here are some of the important terms & functions which you need to know:


Plugins are third-party applications that are installed if any additional requirement is there which the present inbuilt functions cannot perform.

Like we install apps in mobile phones, we install plugins here.

To install a plugin, go to the left side menu, choose ‘Plugins > Add New’.

Write a Blog Post

To write a blog post, go to the left side menu, choose ‘Posts > Add New’.

Static or Dynamic Homepage

You can choose between having a static homepage or dynamic homepage. To change, go to Appearance > Customize > Homepage Settings. Choose whichever you want to keep, then click on Publish.

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