Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

1) Rise of The Digital Age & Social Media

Essential traditional mediums has been replaced with digital mediums because it gives you flexibility of what or when you want to see or do or listen something unlike traditional mediums where they choose it for you. Examples of replacements like TV with online video streaming, radio with online music, newspapers with e-papers, land telephones with mobile phones, SMS with Social Media Messaging. Social Networking platforms have become an addiction among upcoming generations which opens up immense marketing opportunities in these platforms.

2) Digital Mediums are Cheap to Advertise

Digital Marketing is very cheap compared to Traditional Marketing. Also in many places, you don’t have to pay a fixed amount for an ad, i.e., you can choose how much you’re going to pay, based on that your advertiser will show your ad to a certain amount of users according to their statistics.

3) Better Targeting, hence Better Conversion Rates

Digital ads can target a certain category of audience or only show your ads to those audience who takes interest or have searched about in web about a niche, area, product or services you offer & will show your ad only to them, which results in better conversion rates, unlike traditional marketing which shows your ads to a mass where all may not have interest in your ad subject, in which conversion rates may not be as much.

4) Monitor Results

In Digital Marketing, you can monitor what’s the potential of your ad or how many users it can reach & have reached & how many conversions a particular ad is getting you & many other information as well like bounce rates, time of the day when views or conversions were more among others, unlike traditional marketing where there is no proper way of getting how many conversions an ad is getting you.

5) Easy to Use, takes less time

Putting up ad & approval in digital mediums takes a few minutes & much easier to do it yourself as per your requirement, compared to traditional mediums which results in less time wastage.

6) Direct Customer Interaction

You can directly interact fast with your potential customers & know about their requirements, queries or complaints which gives you better scopes to improve your product or services, unlike traditional marketing where there isn’t much options to directly interact with customers other than providing your contact details in the ads.

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