How Blog Posts can help you Grow your Business

Google used to initially depend on other links for providing a certain information searched by a user, but now you may have noticed when you search for a certain information, sometimes Google shows certain information themselves, usually on the top of the page, then all the other links. So, I will not create content that I think that Google may give by itself or can give by itself in future. Google will show it’s own results first, then other links below. So, in order to still bring in traffic, it’s recommended to create creative content which according to you Google cannot give or create by itself in future.

How Blog Posts can generate Leads for your Business?

You may have observed whatever products or services anyone is looking for, the first thing they do is search it in Search Engines for more technical information or reviews on that product or services or basically blogs. That’s where you can get hold of them through your blog (if your blog ranks). Write a well written blog giving them the required technical information or knowledge of what people are looking for & introduce them to your product or service in a lucrative way. Of course, your blog should be in the same subject as of your product or service.

The blog can be anything containing information or knowledge people usually searches for or you can go to google search & use Google Suggest which is the drop down showing the mostly searched keywords about your product or service. Pick up those keywords, do a research on the subject if needed, then write a blog post & try to rank your blog using those keywords & at last of the blog content introduce them to your product or service in a lucrative manner.

For example if you have a Digital Marketing Consultancy in Kolkata & you write a blog post on Top 10 Digital Marketing Consultancies in Kolkata, able to rank it with keywords people mostly search for & place your consultancy in top & make it a look good & reliable option, people are likely to consider taking your services.

Even if they exit your page after viewing, you can also grab their attention one last time before they leave your page with an exit pop-up, i.e. a pop-up shows up which should likely be showing a lucrative offer like a free trail or something to attract customers.

You can also set up online chat so that while the user reads your blog, if they have any queries, they can chat with you or anyone from your team. The more effectively you reply & the more knowledgeable & reliable you can sound yourself, the more the user is going to consider your product or service.

Also you can take help of Google Search Console in case for finding new keywords. Go to Search Console Homepage > Performance > Queries & you will get the list of keywords people are searching & on which your webpages are ranking. Often you will find keywords that are not similar with your blogs but traffic is coming to some similar webpage in your site from those keywords which means those particular keywords have search volume but not enough resources to show, so you can analyze those keywords & consider writing a blog post with those keywords in that exact topic that people are searching & rank that blog to attract more traffic.

Short Blog vs. Long Blog ? Which can fetch more Conversions ?

Most of the people now-a-days prefer short content than longer ones. But if a customer is serious about your product or service & going to spend money in it would likely be first keen to know as much information about it as possible & would prefer long informative content than short content. Most of the people who would prefer short content may not be that serious. As a result, engagements & conversions are likely to be more for long blogs as well as more social shares. Though I don’t recommend filler content to make it longer.

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