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How the Future of Education looks like?

I was going through my Youtube feed casually when Steve Jobs’s famous Stanford University speech in 2005 showed up in the suggestions which I have already heard a lot of times & didn’t mind listening to it once again.

Every word of the speech is inspiring no doubt & the fact that he told in the speech that he went to college which was expensive for his parents to afford & he wasn’t clear about what he wanted to do with his life & the college was not helping him in figuring it out anyway.

If we see in our college’s course modules even today where if you want to get a degree or something, there are a bunch of other subjects that you have to study whether you like it or not. There will be a bunch of subjects that you will like & others which you won’t, but you will still have to study them & give exams to get the degrees.

So, coming back to what I was talking, Steve Jobs dropped out of his college but remained there & stopped attending the ones that didn’t interested him & started attending the ones that looked far more interesting to him & that was among his best decisions according to him.

Can you do the same with yourself? Don’t you want to skip the subjects that don’t interest you & take those that you find interesting?

Now, there are two ways people think: Curious mind & Sceptical mind. If you have a curious mind, you will try to relate & try to figure out how you can apply this to your life & if you have a sceptical mind, you will think this is not something that doesn’t happen with everyone, probably he was lucky, these things can’t happen with everyone, etc. etc.

You might be as well thinking with a sceptical mind like the 99% that he was lucky & it can’t happen with everyone. But if you are thinking with a curious mind & is trying to figure out ways, welcome to the 1% who are going to change the world in the coming years.

Curious Mind looks for ways & Sceptical Mind looks for excuses.

Companies nowadays don’t look for degrees, they look for skills.

I still remember my first job in the hotel industry where I didn’t had the degree (because my courses wasn’t over yet) but I the had knowledge & skills which I had acquired over a couple of months.

The interviewer didn’t asked for my degree, they asked me intelligent questions & tested my knowledge & skills. When they were satisfied, they hired me.

I worked in hotel industry for almost 2 years ending up learning a lot more things than my collegues with degrees because of their egos those fancy degrees gave them & they felt like they already know everything.

Companies nowadays don’t see what you know, but they want to see what you have done.

A decade back was the Information era, lot of students across India including all my school friends, brothers & sisters went to college for Information Technology degrees. They got their degrees, landed themselves a good job.

Today the Information era is gone. Information is freely available on the internet, so companies don’t care how much you know, they want to know what you have done & what you can do for the growth & betterment of their company.

IT works are getting automated & the huge crowd who went to college in the last decade to learn IT & got jobs will mostly lose their jobs in the coming decades. So, what’s next?

Today this is the Digital era, most of the works today are digitalized. Even education. Maybe in the next few years or the next decade, the wave will be of something else. Yes, of course when everything will be digitalized, the wave will change towards something more advanced.

The next generations are leaning towards online education & very very slowly in the next few decades will replace the old, traditional, expensive, boring, frustrating & torturing education system.

In the digital era, you are just not bound to learn what you get from the school, colleges, but from across the world. You can live in India & learn from someone in the USA.

Through online education, you can learn the required skills required & execute it yourself.

Online education is cheap because it doesn’t require to erect a building, pay staffs & other teachers to teach.

Online Education is specific,i.e. you don’t need to study a bunch of subjects you don’t like which is often made compulsory to get a degree in colleges. You can only learn what you want to or think is important & build your expertise in that field & gain the knowledge & required skills.

You want to build expertise in a certain field, or learn a skill, you only learn that, not the useless subjects accompanying them that don’t interests you & which colleges add them as fillers to make it look like an extensive course to charge more from the students.

Online Education gives you a lot of options to choose from across the world by sitting at your home. Far more options than choosing from the limited colleges in your hometown, & if it is far from your home, stays in nasty dorms away from your loved ones.

So, in online education, you only learn what you want to learn & not the useless subjects that colleges force you to study which doesn’t interest you just like Steve Jobs did.

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