How to create backlinks for SEO ? Other Off Page SEO aspects.

Backlinks are external links shared on a website to increase traffic, user engagement, provide similar resources & rank higher in search engines. However, the most natural way to do it is to create good quality content & properly distribute it so that people naturally links back to you & share it on social platforms. But there are a few ways you can do it yourself too. It is recommended to get backlinks from websites which have a minimum Domain Authority of 25. To check things like DA, PA, DoFollow or NoFollow, download the Moz bar from Chrome Web Store.

It’s better to focus on few high quality backlinks than large quantity of low quality backlinks to get better results.

Create backlinks in such a way that it is useful to users to get other similar & useful resources, not any links irrelevant of the content of your site just to rank.

Competitor Analysis: Make a list of your competitor’s domains. Use backlink checker(for eg. www.seoreviewtools.com, ahref, etc.) to analyze your competitor backlinks, check the list of backlinks by visiting the listed links & type CTRL+F & paste the anchor text of that link to find exactly where the link of your competitor’s link is placed. You can therefore analyze whether you can use their strategies, something similar or not.

Often some backlinks may look spamy, it’s better to avoid those & consider only which looks relevant to you. You can also make a list in MS-Excel of the backlinks which you think are relevent, also stating by side it’s anchor text, DA, Follow/No follow. Also you can analyze your other competitor’s sites & add their relevant backlinks to that list, so it will be in a single place for reference.

Profile Links: There are a lot of websites where you can create your profile & put your website link there & you earn a backlink.

Blog Links: You’ll find a lot of popular forums & blog platforms where you can write blogs & share your link in the body, comment on other’s blogs(only if the comment allows you to submit your website & earn a backlink), or do guest posting.

How to find same niche blogs to comment ? You can search in Google by ‘”your keyword” + “any exact words or sentence you think should be there in similar blog posts”‘, & you will get results similar to blog posts you’re looking for to comment. Putting keywords in quotes shows only those links where the exact keywords are being used in the content. If you can use it properly, you’ll find many such blogs to comment. You can also find similar blogs by searching “inurl:your keyword”, “intitle:your keyword”, etc. in Google.

You can check the DA, PA, DoFollow or NoFollow links of the website you’re trying to gain a backlink from Moz bar which you can download from Chrome Web Store. It adds more value to get backlink from a site with high DA. Also, try to get backlink from DoFollow links that will pass on the link juice to your site from theirs. But don’t ignore NoFollow links as backlinking has more benefits other than just getting link juice from other sites.

If you are commenting in a blog post to earn backlink, be sure the comment allows you to submit your website & then comment otherwise there’s no purpose, even if you comment, you won’t get a backlink. Better to avoid commenting on blogs that have auto approve comment as they tend to be spammy. Rather comment on blogs that has moderator who approves comment. Now if you’re their competitor, why will they approve the comment containing your link ? Add value in your comment, suggest how they may improve, etc. Try to add a interesting comment that can start a conversation & engage other viewers to reply to that comment. Bloggers generally want more user engagement, so they may approve your comment if it feel that it can generate more engagement from their viewers through replies or something else.

Try to get a reply from the author & more important a good relationship with them. You may ask a question or after writing your comment, ask something similar like “What do you think ?”.

Also when you’re commenting in a blog post, better to comment in new blog posts which will definitely attract more viewers & more engagement than an old blog post, also increase the chance of author replying to your comment. For this purpose you can use Google Search Tools which you’ll find just below the voice search icon. A dropdown will allow you to choose the time interval within which it will show all the pages & blogs published.

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Also there are tools that can track down brand mentions, that will notify you once your brand is mentioned on web by a third party, so you can approach them with a request to link back to you.

Ask same niche bloggers to link back to your site: You can ask relevant bloggers from same niche to exchange links with you which will result in exchange of audience, better engagement & help you rank. You should be choosy & ask only if you think the other side can give you quality & relevant backlinks. May be most of the bloggers may not reply to you, or deny depending on the relevancy & branding of yours, but there might be a few bloggers who will accept to exchange backlinks. Its recommended not to approach directly for the backlink, instead first build up rapport & a good relationship & then approach for the backlink. This will increase the chance of getting the backlink from the other side.

Paid Links comes under Black Hat SEO. Search Engines usually doesn’t support paid links & may penalize the site as search engines is smart enough to understand it’s a natural link or paid link. So, better not to go for it.

Broken Link Building Method


Backlinks through Infographics

Guest Posts & Branding

You can write articles for other sites or online publications that allows guest posting to introduce yourself to new audience & create your brand awareness among their users & link back to your site in profile or author description or any other relevant areas. Once your site becomes a well known brand with time, people will automatically link back to your site which will help you rank in off page SEO. I’m sharing an example where in my article on On page SEO, I’ve shared backlinked few popular SEO tools that are brands by themselves.

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Important Terms

Link Juice – Link Juice is the authority transferred through links from a site to another while the search engines bot crawl that site or pages. The value or link juice flows from one site to another site through hyperlinks. The more value passed to a site from another, the more possibility of it ranking higher in search engines. One of the ways to flow link juice naturally into your site is to produce great content so that visitors share it in the web.

Link Velocity: It is the rate at which you’re receiving backlinks from other sites. Gaining too many low quality backlinks over a very short period of time may result in a penalty from the search engines. It is recommended to maintain a natural growing flow on your backlinking profile. There’re online marketing tools available that shows a graph on your growing backlinks over a period of time which you can take help in maintaining a natural growth flow.

Domain Authority – DA is developed by Moz(you can download it from Chrome Web Store), after downloading it will show on the right side of the site address bar. Go to a website & click on the Moz icon to see it’s DA. It gives a score between 1 to 100. It’s the ability of that website to rank in search engines & shows how relevant that site is. If your website is new, the DA may show 1. It is recommended to backlink with sites having higher DA.

Nofollow tag is usually used in an external link to prevent link juice from flowing to the other site. Though visitors can visit the other site by clicking on the link, but the link juice will not flow to that site, or site engine crawlers won’t go to that site. You can install Nofollow Browser Extension from Chrome Web Store, go to any website & check whether a link is dofollow of nofollow.

UGC & Sponsored Tags

Other aspects of Off Page SEO

Apart from backlinks, off page SEO depends on factors like Social Shares(the greater the quality of the content, the more natural social shares, sending a signal of relevancy to the search engines which in turn sends more traffic to your site), User Engagement(how many people visiting your site & how much time they are spending in your site), Branding(the more popular your brand & the more people search by your brand name, it sends the search engines a signal of your reputation which in turn sends more traffic to your site), Bounce rate, Mobile Friendly or not, etc.

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