Internship Program by Digital Deepak – Batch 2

Digital Deepak aka Deepak Kanakaraju, a well known name in the space of Digital Marketing & co-founder of Pixeltrack, a Digital Marketing Agency based in Bengaluru is known for introducing new ideas in the Digital Marketing field.

He was the first one to introduce the online courses in Digital Marketing field & since then many have started making courses to sell them & have been immensely successful.

You can enroll for his Free Digital Marketing Course by clicking on this link.

Deepak Sir has a mission to make 1 million Digital Marketing Experts.

Deepak has been selling online courses on various aspects of Digital Marketing at a very low cost so that anybody wanting to learn Digital Marketing can afford it.

But according to his observations, hardly a very few people among them buying his course completes his course.

He found out that there is a lack of Mentorship which can guide these students & help them implement what they have learnt in his course. As a result, students are losing interest very quickly after starting his course.

That’s when he came up with his new idea, the Internship Program where he will be mentoring the students & not only learn but also help them implement what they have learnt from his course.

He has also created a group for his interns where he personally answers the questions raised by the interns who are facing problems.

Deepak Sir has designed this internship program in such a way that after you have enrolled for the program & if you don’t take it seriously or don’t complete the assignments, you lose the money & the profit that you’re going to get back.

Lose the money ? Yes, in the internship program, first you have to invest a small amount. Deepak Sir has done that to ensure that only serious people enroll for his internship program & build up a healthy community of people who are serious about learning Digital Marketing.

But if you complete his assignments carefully, you will end up making more money out of what you’ve already invested. Plus in the program, he will show you different ways of making money from your blog, by creating your own product & even by selling his products. Yes, by selling his products you can make money.

Not only you be learning & implementing with support from a mentor & earn money out of it, but you also will be able to network with other interns which will help you get to know a lot of serious future Digital Marketers out there.

And the best part is you can do it from your home itself.

So what will be your benefit from this program ? Not just learning, but also implementing different tasks in Digital Marketing, opportunity for you to be mentored by him, earn a lot more money back from what you have initially invested, get to know & network with the fellow interns who will be the future Digital Marketers.

Now who am I to say so much about him ?

I was an intern of his first batch & at first was hesitant(same as you’re now) in paying for that initial amount as it seemed too much for me.

But with mentorship from Deepak Sir, I actually ended up making a lot more money back from my blog, by creating & selling my own products & even selling his online courses.

And it was not about how much money I’ve earned, but about all the talented & dedicated interns I was able to get to know & grow my professional network which will help me immensely in coming days.

Not just me, everyone from his Internship Program has benefitted to a large scale. Here are some of the reviews from his interns of the first batch.

As I already said Deepak Sir was the first one to introduce online courses in Digital Marketing & since then many have followed & have made their fortunes as trainers or mentors in the Digital Marketing space.

The Internship Program is the next unique thing from him where he will be personally mentoring students through the internship program. There is no such program like this yet in the market & this is the first time anyone has come with such an idea & probably in the coming years, many more will follow & come up with similar programs.

The good news is that he is rolling out his 2nd batch of internship program for everyone & you can enroll for it too & get mentored by him.

Deepak Sir will be launching the 2nd Batch of the Internship program on Feb 5th 2020 in the launch webinar where he will give you more details about the program & be talking about the exact structure of the program.

To register for the internship program, click on the link.

No, you don’t have to pay anything now. You will decide whether to enroll in the internship or not after watching the launch webinar where he will explain you in detail about the structure of the program. After watching the webinar you may enroll or not, that’s upto you.

I was in the same decision making situation while enrolling for the 1st batch internship program, but it turned out to be a great decision in giving me a boost in my Digital Marketing career by being part of the program & mentored by him.

And the 2nd one is going to be even better.

So, do you want to be mentored by a leading expert like him, learning various new ways to earn money, network with the future digital marketers, learn & implement Digital Marketing tasks for his company & stay ahead from the rest ?

Join the 2nd batch internsip program by clicking on this link now.

You will also get a certificate after completion of the internship which you can attach with your resume & put up in your LinkedIn profile.

Thank me later for providing you with this information about this internship program & giving a boost to your digital marketing career.

So till next time,

Happy learning & implementing & good luck for your Digital Marketing career.

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