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Why Being an Introvert is a Thing to be Proud Of?

Most of the people I know criticize me for being quiet, not able to get along with other people easily, suggest me to talk more & like them chatter non stop nonsense on dumbshits that don’t even matter & be just like another sheep in their flock.

Let me explain.

If you see your body as a machine which has a battery that needs to recharge to again function at its full potential. How do we recharge a battery? By giving energy. For machines that can be electrical energy. Similarly, for humans, they too need a source of energy to recharge themselves up & performs at its full potential.

Now, there are 2 kinds of people: Introverts & Extroverts.

Most people think introverts are just those who speak less & extroverts are those who speak more.

But if we dig deeper, & come back to the fact that our body is a machine, it has a battery that needs to be recharged & energy is the thing needed to recharge our batteries, the difference between introverts & extroverts is that.

Extroverts charge their batteries by being with people. Being in solitude drains their energy.

Introverts draw their battery power by going within & spending their time in solitude. Being with too many people drains their energy.

I have grown up hearing it’s not normal to be less speaking, & I should always be shitting on other’s ears as they do. It’s not normal to be able to enjoy my own company, it’s not normal being by myself, it’s not normal being in solitude & yet not feel any need of other people to recharge my batteries.

I used to think why I can’t fit into the society & be like everybody else, until I understood one day that I actually don’t need to & it is a gift which few people get in their lives which naturally provides them incredible abilities to do extraordinary things & it is something to be proud of.

Most of the successful people in the world are introverts because they spoke way too less shit, they exercised their brains more than their tongue, gave them enough time & reason to utilize on the things that actually matter in life in order to be successful.

Being in solitude makes us thoughtful, opens our mind, makes way for new ideas, observe better, & one get naturally inclined towards the things that matters most, whereas always pissing on other’s ears not only can make the other person feel frustrated but also doesn’t give your brain the reason to get out of that comfort zone, make your lives better & they continue to shit on people’s ears all your life.

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