The Power of Personal Branding

Let’s dive into 2 situations –

Situation 1 – You’re a Digital Marketer & you do a job in an agency & now you want to open a Digital Marketing(DM) Agency yourself. You have a decent professional network but not too many people in the industry knows you. You have to build that agency from scratch. Probably you can ask some people in your network or so to get your first traction & grow.

Situation 2 – You’ve joined a Digital Marketing Agency as an employee. You want to open your own Digital Marketing Agency in future but now you don’t have money or experience either.

You bought domain, hosting & created your website, which is quiet cheap now-a-days. You started creating content about what you’re learning.

You share your content on the online communities DM communities & getting blog visits. You’re also active on those communities & sharing valuable content which others would find useful & answer questions of other members & resolving their issues. People have started noticing you & are tagging you in their query posts because they know you’re the one they can look upto to resolve their issues. You’re providing value through good content & building up trust by resolving their issues. You have became an important member of the group.

You’re guest posting on other blogs that allows to do so & attracting their audiences as well.

You also attend meetups, tradeshows, etc. where you speak about DM & grow your professional network.

You’ve started your podcast where you invite other small digital marketers & interview them.

You also have a Youtube channel where you create videos about DM.

You’ve positioned yourself as a brand & people have become aware of you in the DM space & you’ve a large professional network, built up a decent subscriber base just with the valuable content which you create & share consistently with them.

You have wrote an ebook for which you run campaigns in digital media & give it for free in return of their email adress & convert them to subscribers. You nurture them with your content & continue to provide value to them.

You yourself is a known brand in DM industry now.

Now, you choose to leave your company & start your own DM Agency.

In Situation 2, Do you think you need to market your agency’s brand from scratch or just shower your personal brand authority to the agency?

Like in Situation 1, If you haven’t built your personal brand & your business fails & you open a new venture even after some time, you’ll have to build your new venture’s brand from scratch.

Whereas if you’ve already built your personal brand, you just need to shower your brand authority to the new venture. You can create multiple brands under your personal brand.

Even if you want to do job, if you’re a brand yourself, you’ll choose which companies to work for, not them, because people wants to work with brands.

People have trust on you, so whenever you launch a new company or product or offer a service, you don’t have to build up trust with them from scratch again, you just need to sprinkle your brand trust.

You’ll have to build your personal brand among people who you intend to do business with.

This is how building your personal brand can help you get a great job or starting a new business.

So, are you going to build your personal brand & how it can help you in your career ? Let me know in the comments below.

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